About Us

NCT set out to identify problems and develop solutions required for digitizing national currencies. In 2021 our CEO Josh Povsner brought friends and family together to found NCT as a corporation dedicated to creating solutions for the problems we identify. Josh is a patent attorney with education and experience in relevant technology areas. NCT has filed IP and will continue to as we continue to identify problems and think through solutions. NCT has also acquired patent filings in the areas of smart contracts and tokenization to add to our organic filings  for digital national currencies. Starting in 2023 we received NSF funding to develop our cornerstone technology.

Research & Development: We research what others have done, what others are doing, and what still needs to be done. We develop practical solutions.

Question:We question everything and try to avoid assumptions.

Listen: We do our best to understand the concerns people and institutions have about digital national currencies.

Create: We are creating software and hardware solutions for the ledger system we designed.

IP: We are filing for patent protection for everything we do. See, for example, our first international patent filings under PCT/US2022/015855; PCT/US2022/015856; and PCT/US2022/015845.


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