Solutions for Digitizing National Currencies

National Currency Technologies, Inc. (NCT) has designed a framework for a ledger system required to implement a digital national currency. Our pioneering efforts have led to the creation of a cornerstone technology required for the infrastructure: a security gateway for securing interactions with the ledger system. The remainder of the infrastructure can be built once our cornerstone technology is in place.
Our vision at NCT has always centered around balancing inclusivity, speed and safety. We recognized the crucial role that an interface between end users and the ledger system plays in achieving the required balance. Our innovative security gateway interface maximizes safety with accessibility.

What We Do



We designed the framework for digital national currencies from users to a ledger system, and everything in between.


The development of the security gateway as an interface will allow for implementation of the remainder of the infrastructure for a ledger system. Our security gateway will allow for an “open” ledger system appropriate for the United States, if not most or all other nations and regions.

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